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4 tips to protect your mental health during a pandemic

Tips to protect your mental health during the current global pandemic. To say the current news is stress-inducing is an understatement. The numbers of people infected with the novel Coronavirus keeps going up. The death toll - although it is at 4% of all cases - is still very disturbing. It certainly doesn't help that [...]

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Telehealth benefits for the elderly under Medicare – What you should know NOW

Telehealth benefits for the elderly under Medicare - here's what you should know as a caregiver. The global COVID-19 pandemic has now claimed the lives of over 100 people in the US. Most people suffer mild symptoms when they contract COVID-19. People over 65 and those who have underlying health issues are the largest population [...]

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Coronavirus in San Diego – A guide for caregivers of elderly adults

As of this writing, the COVID-19 (popularly known as coronavirus) pandemic is in full force. Italy has shut down the whole country. Parts of the US have restricted public meetings and are encouraging workers to do their work remotely. Companies like Amazon have asked their employees to work from home at least until the end [...]

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Hearing loss in the elderly – a guide for the caregiver

How do you spot hearing loss in your elderly loved one? Hearing loss in the elderly could be difficult to note and observe. And thus, you and your loved one might seek interventions late. This could pose a safety threat for your loved one.  Hearing loss can mean they don't hear warning alarms or that [...]

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What causes thick toenails in the elderly?

What causes thick toenails in the elderly? You've noticed that mom's nails have grown thicker, yellow and difficult to cut. They have kept up with their personal hygiene on a daily basis. They are taking their medications regularly, so what is the problem? The truth is that older people are at risk of developing nail [...]

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