Complete Care

Complete Care For Those Who Need 24/7 Support

Our Complete Care Program is for those who rely on the support of others to meet all most of the daily needs. Generally, Our Complete Care Clients need regular food and fluid reminders and cannot be alone for long periods of time. We work alongside families to ensure Complete Care clients get the support they need.

Bed Bound

Clients who are bed bound cannot leave their bed or wheelchair without significant support and the use of lift assist tools. Clients need special care to ensure their skin stays healthy. Special consideration to repositioning and skin care makes bed bound care a specialty.

Hoyer Lifts and Transfers

Lifts and transfers are very important for clients who can’t walk. Our Care Professionals can use transfer tools like gait belts, hoyer lifts, and transfer boards to ensure safe movement.

End of Life Hospice Care

End of life care is often filled with bittersweet moments. Care Professionals who specialize in end of life care often describe hospice care as a “calling” to provide compassionate support to clients and their families.

Returning Home from Skilled Care or Hospital

Often, people who are just coming home from hospital or skilled nursing care need more support to get back to pre-hospital strength and independence. Usually, care for these individuals starts with more hours and quickly tapers offs as the client gains strength and confidence at home.

Home care services are unique and dynamic just like the clients they support. To learn more about an individualized plan for your needs, please call for a free consultation.


Amazing Staff…

Jonna from Green Tree Home Care impressed me so much with her compassion and executing a plan quickly and lovingly to help my 97 year old neighbor who fell and broke his femur. I vowed to help my elderly neighbors’ stay independent at home for as long as possible! Green Tree helped my friends achieve their goal! I am so happy with the caregivers I have met thus far! Great company with an amazing staff! Thank you so much!

Natalie B.
San Diego, CA

Attentive, Highly Recommend…

I have used Green Tree Home Care for my mother who suffers from dementia. The care staff are always attentive and I would highly recommend this company. The owner is easy to get a hold of if I ever have any questions.

Sharron S.
San Diego, CA

The Best In Home Care Excellence

Green Tree Home Care offers the best in home care excellence. Our eight step interview process helps us find the best caregivers in the industry, and cutting edge software keeps family members involved, and informed. We offer three levels of care designed to promote the independence and safety of our clients.

Our dedicated client managers excel at matching care professionals and clients with the goal of creating meaningful care relationships, and improved safety and independence.

If you need a personal assistant to help with day to day tasks, or prefer to convalesce in your own home, we can help provide the right care professionals for your needs.


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