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Eczema: Here is what you should know

Eczema is a common and yet misunderstood disease. In today's post, I will explain what eczema is and what you should know if you have a loved one with eczema. What is eczema? Eczema, which is also called atopic dermatitis, is a chronic skin care condition. Although, it usually begins when a person is a [...]

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10 Summer Skincare Tips For Older Adults

Summer is around the corner and some of us are already dreaming of the warm weather, cool drinks and long days. But it is important to not forget about skincare as you go about enjoying your summer. In today's post, we are talking about 10 summer skincare tips for older adults. Let's dive right in. [...]

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Cure for dry skin for the elderly

Summer is right around the corner. While we're all looking forward to bright and sunny days-not to mention the warmth-skin care is still important. For a lot of seniors, summertime means days of dehydration and dry skin. As we age, our skin cells lose the firmness they once had. This means that older people lose [...]

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5 tips for international travel with seniors

A wedding is happening in the family and photos are just not going to cut it. Your senior loved one wants to be there. The only problem? It's a destination wedding, so, you and your elderly loved one are going to have travel out of the country. Don't worry. International travel with seniors doesn't have [...]

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7 Ways To Encourage Exercise For Seniors

Are you trying to help your elderly loved one become active? Perhaps you're running into roadblocks helping your elderly loved one be active? It's normal! Even as younger people, there are those of us that naturally love to exercise and others who would never exercise if they could help it. So if you're having trouble [...]

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Why Elderly People Lose Weight and What You Can Do About It

It seems we spend most of our adult life battling the bulge wishing for an easy way to lose weight. But, for some older adults, unintentional weight loss causes medical problems. According to the American Family Physician , 16-28 percent of people experiencing unintended weight loss present with no easily identifiable cause. Elderly people lose [...]

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