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Are probiotics healthy for you?

What are probiotics? Are they healthy for you? What are the benefits of consuming probiotics? By the end of this post, you will have an answer to each of these questions. What are probiotics? Probiotics are live bacteria and other micro-organisms that are healthy for you. Typically, when you hear people talk about probiotics, they [...]

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Is all cholesterol bad for you?

Is all cholesterol bad for you? What runs through your mind when you think about cholesterol? Cholesterol will clog your veins Cholesterol will kill you Cholesterol increases the risk of a heart attack. These are the common messages we hear when it comes to cholesterol. But is all cholesterol bad? In this post, we will [...]

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Why Elderly People Lose Weight and What You Can Do About It

It seems we spend most of our adult life battling the bulge wishing for an easy way to lose weight. But, for some older adults, unintentional weight loss causes medical problems. According to the American Family Physician , 16-28 percent of people experiencing unintended weight loss present with no easily identifiable cause. Elderly people lose [...]

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