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Music therapy for the elderly

Music therapy for your elderly loved one: how could it help them thrive and age in place? While listening to music on your own is wonderful, this is not the same as music therapy. Music therapy is an established health profession in which the therapist uses music to help a person address any physical, emotional, [...]

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Are brain health supplements any good?

If you've had a loved one who has dementia or Alzheimer's Disease, then you have probably come across advertisements for brain health supplements. And even if you don't have a loved one with any such condition, chances are you have seen those types of ads on late night television. Is there any truth to it? [...]

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Surprising way to improve your brain health? Drink more tea.

Who would think that drinking more tea could improve brain health? As far-fetched as it sounds, recent research is showing that drinking tea could improve brain health. There are several studies that point to the impact of tea on human health. Some of those health benefits include: Tea has antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent chemicals called free [...]

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Are brain supplements good for you?

Are brain supplements good for you? Do they work? Supplements and vitamins are a dime a dozen these days and it can be hard to differentiate what is real from what is not. This is especially true if you've tried to research solutions to help boost your elderly loved one's brain health. So which supplements [...]

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Music therapy and dementia.

Perhaps you clicked through to read this post because you're curious as to how music therapy could help your loved one. For families who have a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer's, interacting with that loved one becomes difficult as the days go by. No matter who you are, this can be frustrating. How do [...]

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