Home Care is About Trust, Communication, and Connection

Our San Diego leadership team is proud to help you navigate your home care journey!

Meet the ladies who run the San Diego Office

Paige (on the left) is our expert scheduling manager. She is precise and helpful. Paige has been with Green Tree Home Care since nearly the beginning and is a favorite among both clients and Care Professionals.

Allison (on the right) is our General Manager. Allison is quick with a laugh and great at handling anything that comes her way. She is an awesome person to have on your home care team!

Linda is our Client Services Manager

She manages all aspects of client care from first assessment to ongoing quality assurance. You will get to know Linda well and will appreciate her calm demeanor and exceptional follow-up.

Linda has more than seven years experience in home care. She has a master’s degree in public health and is a whiz at working with long term care insurance providers to start claims and keep them going.

San Diego Office Hiring Coordinator

Shaina is our expert hiring coordinator! She meets and screens all of our potential Care Professionals. Shaina has more than 10 years caregiving field experience. She is gregarious and brings a sense of fun to our hiring team. Shaina knows what makes someone an exceptional Care Professional and takes great pains to make sure only the best Care Professionals join the Green Tree Home Care team.

Our San Diego team works their magic from a cozy office in a lovely town called Poway. Situated just a few minutes outside San Diego City, Poway is centrally located in the county and offers a great hub for caring for our San Diego County clients.


14168 Poway Rd., Suite 203
Poway, CA 92064

Office: (858) 231-7676
Fax: (858) 225-5927
Email: generalmanager@greentreehomecare.com
HCO#: 374700075

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