5 Ideas for staying active and healthy in lock-down

May 15, 2020 0

Staying active and healthy in lock-down.

While COVID-19-related lock-downs seem to be easing all around the world, it is evident that mini lock-downs and self-quarantine periods may last for a while.

Gyms, a public place where it is easy for bacteria or virus to spread, are closed.

For somebody trying to stay active and healthy, this can be a challenge.

So how can you stay active and healthy during those periods of time when movement is restricted?

Ideally, you need 30 minutes of exercise five days per week to stay active and healthy.

In today’s post, I’ll share five simple ideas for stay active and healthy in lock-down.

DisclaimerMake sure any exercise regimen you embark on is cleared by your doctor before you start.

5 Ideas for staying active and healthy when movement is restricted


Dancing is a fun and yet effective way to stay active and healthy in a time when movement is restricted.

You don’t have to have moves like Michael Jackson either!

You can either do a quick video on YouTube (or have a loved one do this for you) for dance routines and follow along.

Or you could slot in your favorite dance music, set a timer and move to that for the next 30 minutes!

Use stationary equipment you already own

That stationary bike you have been ignoring for the last few years?

You still own that my friend!

Dust off that bike (or treadmill or elliptical or…you get what I mean) and start working out.


Remember that activity you indulged in as a kid? Skipping?

It works very well.

In fact, I recently discovered a YouTube channel called the Jump Rope Dudes.

It has been inspiring to watch them post about people who have skipped their way to healthy.

Have a skipping rope around? Time to turn that into your home gym.

Walk or run in your neighborhood

In most places, there is no rule against walking or running in your neighborhood.

My advice however is that you observe social distancing rules – stay six feet apart – while you exercise outdoors.

I also don’t recommend wearing a mask while working out.

If you’re lightly walking, this may not be a big deal.

However, if you will be running or taking on exercise that involves a lot of more activity, realize that your body will also need more oxygen.

If you have a mask tightly over your face, you will not be getting the oxygen as you need.

And this can lead to fainting.

So wear your mask in crowded public spaces.

But if you must engage in vigorous exercise, take the mask off so you can breathe the oxygen you need.

Use your exercise mat!

Your exercise mat is more than a pretty accessory.

There are hundreds of types of exercises you can do on just an exercise mat inside your home.

Check out this video for exercise mat ideas for staying active.


Staying active and healthy during lock-down is possible!

In this post, I reminded you of 5 simple and yet effective ideas for staying active and healthy in lock-down.

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