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Private Caregivers Vs Agency Caregivers

Is there a difference between agency caregivers and private caregivers? Learn the bottom line facts when it comes to private caregivers vs agency caregivers. Private Caregivers Vs Agency Caregivers When it comes to providing home care for our senior loved ones, we all want the best value for our financial situation. Thus, it is easy [...]

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5 Rules Every Adult Child Should Consider While Living With Elderly Parents

Living with elderly parents is about providing care for their changing needs. But, have you considered how living together might create tension? Practice these 5 rules to keep the peace. 5 Rules Every Adult Child Should Consider While Living With Elderly Parents Understand that Your Experiences are Different People who grew up in the days [...]

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Dealing with Hallucinations in Elderly People

You might expect a loved one with dementia to repeat herself or experience forgetfulness. But, sometimes people with dementia experience hallucinations. Hallucinations in elderly people may occur or become worse for a variety of different reasons. Hallucinations can feel jaring or scary to both you and your loved one. Learn why your loved one may [...]

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5 Caregiver Strategies Every Caregiver Should Know

Caring for another person requires patience and consideration. You can use Great caregiver strategies to help manage difficult caregiving situations and improve your charges state. Caregiver strategies are not complicated. But, using some tricks from the pros will help you stand out and bring joy to your loved one or client. Make a Plan Before [...]

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5 Questions to Ask a Licensed San Diego Home Care Company Before You Sign Up

There are many home care companies in the San Diego area. You need to pick one, but what should you look for? Not all licensed San Diego home care companies are equal. Owning and operating a home care company became a state licensed category a mere two years ago. Licensing requires all companies to carry [...]

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