Volunteering for retired professionals. Here are 12 ideas.

February 26, 2019 0

You were looking forward to retiring and enjoying your days doing crafts you want to do?

Or perhaps you thought retirement meant you would get to watch all the TV shows you already enjoyed?

But the truth is that you’re stir-crazy and looking for an opportunity to do something else.

If the above scenario describes you, then this post is for you!

In today’s post, I will talk about volunteering for retired professionals and give you 12 ideas for volunteering in your community and abroad.

Why you should stay active even if you’re retired

A research study showed that people are 15% more likely to live longer when they have a sense of purpose for their lives versus when they don’t.

When people wake up and go to work everyday, that sense of purpose (whether we want to admit it or not) keeps us alive.

For most retirees, when this sense of purpose is removed, their health begins to wane.

The average person in the United States retires at the age of 65.

With more and more people living until they are 100 years old, it is likely that you still have a few more decades of productivity.

Staying active and involved in community activities, with a business or even on a volunteer mission abroad could be your answer to such an outcome.

Do you want to keep your mind and body healthy longer, why not sign up for a volunteering experience?

Volunteering for retired professionals. Here are 12 ideas.

Crossing guard for your local school

Kids need crossing the street when they go to school.

How neat would it be if you signed up to be a cross guard to manage traffic and help the kids cross the street at school?

Teacher’s helpers

This might require some clearance work with the state you live in, but you could become a teacher’s helper at your local school.

Volunteer police officers

You can become a volunteer police officer for your city.

It will require a police background check.

You will be able to do things like:

  • Telephone calls to witnesses and victims
  • Answering the phones
  • Filing different types of paperwork
  • Perform vacation house checks
  • Perform “You’re not alone” house checks

If you live in San Diego and would like to learn more about becoming a volunteer police officer, go here.

Aid missions abroad

Churches and other charitable organizations like Operation Smile are constantly performing aid missions in poorer countries.

Volunteering with aid missions abroad may require that you buy your own ticket.

If you have the funds to do it, this is an excellent opportunity to volunteer.

If you are a retired nurse, doctor or teacher, it may be another opportunity for you to use your skills for good.

Teach a college class

Colleges always appreciate experienced professionals when it comes to hiring faculty.

In your case, and if it is allowed by the school, you could volunteer your knowledge to instruct college students.

You could also find out about volunteer opportunities besides teaching.

Teach a local class

Can’t teach at a local college? Start your own class!

What are you good at? Writing? Gardening?

If you let people know, they will show up for your class.

Hospital helper

Opportunities to volunteer at the hospital abound.

Find out how you can help from a hospital near you.

Volunteer with the Peace Corps

The Peace Corps is not just for the young folks.

Older adults bring different skill sets that are immensely valuable.

Host an international student

As a former international student in the US,  I know first hand that life can get lonely.

A lot of international students are miles away from their culture, language and everything they’re familiar with.

Hosting them is a great way to welcome them to the country. Plus you get to learn about a different culture right in your home.

Volunteer to work at an animal shelter

Love animals? Work at an animal shelter.

Volunteer at a local prison

A lot of impact can be made here!

Volunteer as a foster parent

Becoming a foster parent is another great way to make an impact.

It is never easy raising children.

And for a lot of foster kids, they have been through life situations that are traumatizing.

You just might be that safe haven they need.


Did any of these spark an idea for you?

If so, share it with someone else looking for volunteering ideas for retired professionals.


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