8 reasons you should volunteer as a senior

March 1, 2019 0

Earlier this week, I talked about 12 ways you could volunteer your time as a senior.

But why should you volunteer as a retired senior?

In today’s post, I am laying it all out and giving you 8 reasons you should volunteer as a senior.


Let’s dive in.

8 reasons you should volunteer as a senior


  • Volunteering also benefits your psychological health. You are less likely to feel depressed or lonely when you are doing something meaningful that brings you fulfillment.


  • When you volunteer as a senior, you get to use skills you have acquired over the years to help others. If you were a doctor, nurse, teacher or a professional in another field, retirement does not mean the end of using your skills! Using your skills to help the less fortunate is more than fulfilling and could give you that “second lease” on life you crave.


  • You could learn new skills as a volunteer. Do you love to learn? Volunteering is a great place for you to learn the skills you always wanted to learn while helping others.


  • Volunteering could also help you rediscover a passion that you had long forgotten about. Practicing that passion might even become a source of income for you-if that is something you desire.


  • By volunteering, you might find you build a community of friends and connections you didn’t have before. Healthy friendships and relationships impact our health more than we realize.


  • Volunteering also gives you an inner sense of satisfaction.


  • We all love to give back to communities that have been helpful to us in the past. Volunteering is an opportunity for you to show such appreciation.

Retiring from active employment doesn’t mean you’re no longer important to society.

In fact, we need your skills and talents in so many capacities!

And one of the best ways to contribute is to volunteer as a senior.

If for nothing at all, one of the 7 reasons above will spur you on to volunteer your time and skills.

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