4 tips to protect your mental health during a pandemic

March 20, 2020 0

Tips to protect your mental health during the current global pandemic.

To say the current news is stress-inducing is an understatement.

The numbers of people infected with the novel Coronavirus keeps going up.

The death toll – although it is at 4% of all cases – is still very disturbing.

It certainly doesn’t help that everyone is now encouraged to stay indoors.

For some people who have been through traumatic war-time experiences, perhaps this dredges up bad memories.

This is a difficult time for everyone around the world.

How do you protect your mental health during such a stressful time?

In today’s post, I am going to share four tips to protect your mental health in the midst of the stress.

4 tips to protect your mental health during the current pandemic

Be truthful with yourself

The first step to protecting your mental health is to be truthful with yourself.

It is okay to admit that you are feeling overwhelmed. It is okay to voice out your frustrations and let those around you know how you’re feeling.

The truth? You’re not alone in those feelings.

Shut off the stress-inducers

The news is stressful right now. There is no doubt about that.

News networks want to be the first ones reporting the latest news and numbers.

While it’s important for us to be abreast with it all – it is alright to give yourself a break.

Don’t feel you need to sit down and soak it all up.

Take a walk around your house.

Read a new book.

Set up a video conference call with your family.

Do what you can to stay away from anything that increases your anxiety.

Talk to a mental health professional

With expanded telehealth benefits for Medicare beneficiaries, you might be able to chat with a mental health provider over the phone or other virtual service.

Mental health providers can give you the tools you need to cope during this time.

Find out from your mental health provider if this is possible.

Start a new hobby

Now is a great time to start a brand new hobby!

This can help you keep your hands and mind busy so you’re not worrying so much about the news.

These tips to protect your mental health during the current pandemic can help you cope until we all finally come out of this.

We cannot always change the course of the storm; but we can choose to thrive in the midst of it.


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