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Live In Home Care San Diego – Is It Legal

 As you search San Diego in home care providers, you may come across the term “liv-in” home care. Upon first glance San Diego  live in home care may seem like the perfect solution to your home care needs. But, what do providers mean by live in care? Well, it depends on the person using the [...]

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Feeling Beautiful at 80 – Personal Care Must Dos

As we age and health concerns begin to take center stage, personal beauty care sometimes takes a back seat. It is important to remember that personal image is important to emotional health and wellbeing. You should help your loved one maintain personal care even if cognitive changes have made her unaware of her personal care [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Encourage Nutrition in Seniors

Naturally, people may experience malnourishment as they age. As people age they may develop a lower tolerance for foods that were tolerable before. A decrease in the efficiency of the digestive system makes it harder for people to convert food into energy. And difficulty with movement makes meal preparation difficult. All these factors can contribute [...]

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