Feeling Beautiful at 80 – Personal Care Must Dos

April 18, 2018 0

As we age and health concerns begin to take center stage, personal beauty care sometimes takes a back seat. It is important to remember that personal image is important to emotional health and wellbeing. You should help your loved one maintain personal care even if cognitive changes have made her unaware of her personal care needs.

Maintaining personal beauty care routines may take extra time. And, you may have to modify personal care rituals. But, it is important your loved one feels prepared for the day. Personal care rituals span a wide range of activities. For some, personal care includes a shower and a clean pair of pants. While others feel good with a fresh fancy outfit and full makeup and hair.

Personal beauty care routines often stem from lifetime habits. So, check with your loved one about the personal care tasks she enjoys most and wants to continue. The following beauty rituals are important at any age.

Keep Toes and Feet Clean and Trimmed

Toe care is often difficult to maintain as your loved one ages. Funguses, dry skin, and changes in toe health are important health concerns. Toenails become thick and difficult to cut. Conditions like diabetes makes toenail cutting riskier, and most home care organizations do not provide toenail care.

So who can clip toes? Family members often take on this role. But, podiatrists provide excellent foot care, and some will provide house calls. If your loved one has ingrown toenails, foot pain, or fungus issues a call to the podiatrist might be your best bet.

Nail salons provide good foot care, and your loved one might enjoy the experience. Not only will feet be trimmed and cleaned, but a fresh coat of paint might lift your loved one’s spirits. Going to the nail salon is an enjoyable outing for you and your loved one.

Mouth Care

Sometimes, dental care feels less important than cardio and neuro doctor appointments. But, keeping your loved one’s mouth clean and cared for is important to personal daily care. Research shows a possible link between periodontitis and compromised glycemic management. So, diabetics, who have inflamed gums, may experience complications with blood sugar management.

When you take steps to preserve teeth, and prevent painful mouth conditions you support your loved ones health. Practice daily brushing of teeth. If your loved one doesn’t have teeth, then clean gums daily with a warm cloth.

Hair Care

Hairstyle is such a personal statement. If your loved always kept hair colored and styled, try to honar that practice by helping her keep it up. Preserving personal image may help your loved one stay focused and motivated in other care areas like exercise and nutrition.

Rinseless shampoos help keep hair clean if showering is difficult. You can set an appointment at the local beauty salon for a weekly hair style, and a fun outing. Make personal beauty care fun.

For men, create a regular routine for facial hair care. Electric razors make face care easier. There are barbers who offer expert face shaves, and a nice experience to boot.

Make Up

Each woman spends a lifetime developing her personal make up style. While some make up applications require more detailed hands. A favorite shade of lipstick might be just what your loved one needs to feel ready to face the day.

Talk to you loved one about what makes her feel beautiful. You may want to choose one or two of her signature personal beauty care practices to keep up. Be respectful that personal makeup routines are often wrapped up in identity. And, preserving those rituals supports emotional well being.

Final Thoughts

While makeup and hair styling my not be foremost on your daily care list consider how personal beauty care may positively impact your loved one’s emotional state.

Caring for someone else is about more than meeting daily needs. Great caregiving supports a person’s positive self image. The best caregivers want loved ones to continue doing the things that make them feel empowered and beautiful.

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