10 Volunteering ideas for retired people in 2020

January 21, 2020 0
Need volunteering ideas for retired people? You’ll love these.
Your contribution to society didn’t end with your retirement party.
Volunteering is a wonderful way to break up the monotony of your day. And it’s a powerful way to keep your mind engaged.
In fact, I know that you are reading this post because you’re thinking of ways to volunteer and need some ideas.
You’re in the right place!
In today’s post, I will go over volunteer ideas that work for all ages. They will especially work for you if you’re recently retired.
Let’s go!

10 volunteering ideas for retired people in 2020

Volunteer at your local school

Schools are constantly looking for volunteers to help in various capacities. You could help in the classroom, on the playground, or in the dining area.
If you love children and don’t mind working with them, this is an excellent way to contribute.
Most schools will need you to apply to volunteer and also to get clearance before you would be allowed to volunteer.

Special needs volunteer at local facilities

Various people with special needs – young and old – receive services in the community and sometimes the truth is that, resources are stretched
If you volunteer at these facilities, it will benefit both of you.

Nursing home volunteering

Perhaps a nursing home is not in your future but you would like to interact with older adults and help them thrive in a nursing home?
This is an excellent volunteer opportunity for retirees as well.

Soup kitchen/food pantry volunteer

Is it just me or do you just feel good about yourself when you help others?
One of the most powerful volunteering opportunities I’ve ever participated in has involved giving food to people.
Soup kitchens and food pantries typically rely on the goodwill of other people to run smoothly.
You might be one of those good people.

Hospital volunteering

You can volunteer at a local hospital in many capacities.
Reading books to sick children and delivering hospital bedding to floors was something I saw volunteers do all the time when I practiced nursing.
You can find out more about volunteering at your local hospital by walking into the hospital or by going onto their website

Volunteer with relief organizations

Relief organizations also depend heavily on volunteers like you.
If you are a retired medical professional, you can get involved in groups like Doctors without Borders or Nurses without Borders or the Red Cross.
Church and religious organizations routinely organize groups that travel to areas hit by disasters to help out the affected communities.
This is something to look out for as well. 

Volunteer at youth centers

Youth centers around the country are looking for mentors to help children with homework and to keep them in a safe environment.
These places also depend on volunteers and goodwill to keep running.

Teach career skills

You thrived in your career and now there are thousands of young people who want to thrive in their careers like you.
This is a golden opportunity to share the secrets of your success with the generations after you.
College career centers, youth centers and church organizations are all places to consider as places to teach your skills
Once you find the right place to volunteer, people will be willing to learn everything they can from you.

Community clean up volunteer

You’ve lived in your community for years and love it.

You can contribute to it as a community clean up volunteer.

Be a companion

You’d be surprised to know that there are people in your community who need your companionship.

These could be other retired people, people on bed-rest with a chronic illness or even people who have just had a baby.

This could be a great way to volunteer as well.


There you have it.
10 volunteering ideas for retired people.
Did any of these resonate with you?
Do you know someone who is retired and itching to volunteer? 
Share this post with them.

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