7 fun ways to include more exercise into your daily routine

April 15, 2019 0

Everyone says to exercise; except the act of exercising is not always fun.

So, how do you add exercise into your day so you are taking advantage of its’ benefits but are not bored by the sheer thought of exercising?

You add fun to it!

In today’s post, I will go over 7 fun ways to include more exercise into your daily routine.

7 fun ways to include exercise into your daily routine


You don’t have to be a professional dancer to benefit from the dancing.

It could start by turning on your favorite music from the past and just start swaying to it.

You might even be able to get your spouse, grand-kids and neighbors in on it.

Nobody is judging you for points here.

The key is to get moving no matter how imperfect that movement is.

Play like a child

As we all know, children can be aggressively active when they play. Watching them run in circles can be exhausting!

But perhaps kids are onto something that we are not?

If you regularly babysit your grandchildren or even your neighbors kids, this could be a great opportunity to get your daily exercise in.

They will have memories of you playing with them for a lifetime.

And you will be rewarded with the benefit of getting your daily quota of exercise.

Go shopping

Love shopping? Taking a walk around your local mall may very well be the fun you need to get your exercise.

Reward yourself for completing a workout

There is a saying that the greatest thing about being an adult is that you can eat dessert before your dinner.

Well, I say, that you can rewards yourself as much as you can for completing an exercise routine.

Ice cream is definitely allowed here. Unless of course, your doctor has said you shouldn’t be eating ice cream.

Take a friend

Doing things with a friend who can chat with you and urge you on as you exercise can be fun and may become the motivating reason you exercise.

Get your pets involved

They will love it as much as you do.

Try a new exercise

It is never too late for anyone to try something new.

What would happen if you opened up yourself to:

There may seem like extreme sports but you might surprise yourself if you tried!


There are always more fun ways to add exercise to your life. Did any one of these spark any ideas for you? If it did, make sure to share it with someone else who might be looking for ways to add more fun to their life and exercise routine.

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