Companions for the elderly: Does your loved one need a companion?

July 15, 2020 0

The advantages of companions for the elderly.

As loved ones age, you may notice that they increasingly need someone with stay with them.

Because of reduced mobility and health issues, your elderly loved one may have difficulty moving around and performing normal activities like going to the grocery store.

As more and more people age in place – this means more people are opting to live in their homes rather than a nursing home or assisted living community – the need for a sitter or companion may increase.

And this is especially true when you have to go to work and cannot afford to stay home with your loved one to meet their needs.

Having a sitter or companion in this instance is a great idea.

If you’ve noticed that your loved one has reached a point where they could benefit from a sitter/companion, here is what you can expect.

Companions for the elderly: how companions help

Hiring a companion means you don’t have to worry while you’re at work (or if you live apart from them) that your loved one is being helped.

Here are all the ways a companion can help your loved one.

Transportation Assistance

Does your loved one need to get to a doctor’s appointment? A companion can help them get to the appointment. Do they need to get groceries? A companion can help with that too.

At Green Tree Home Care for instance, our companions will drive your loved one to the places they need to go.

To ensure the safety of your loved one, make sure the company you are hiring companions from is licensed and therefore has insurance that covers driving services.

Light housekeeping

If your loved one needs help with their laundry, companions can help with that. If they need help with keeping their house clean, companions can help as well.

Communication assistance

As the years progress the technology to communicate with friends and family also progresses. It can be frustrating for an older person who is not conversant with these technologies to communicate with family when they need to.

A companion can assist your loved one with communication technologies so that they can stay in touch.


This is perhaps the aspect that companions and clients alike love the most – the companionship that develops.

As social beings, we crave relationships and the benefits that come with those relationships.

Companions can accompany your loved one to movies, social events, while they are traveling, to exercise and so much more. These meaningful relationships can help the elderly live longer because it gives them a sense of purpose.


Aging in place is possible. And if you find that your loved one needs more help, they want to remain at home and there are few age-related health issues, you should consider a companion for them.

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