The Cost of Home Care

February 7, 2018 0

The cost of home care can vary widely depending on regional laws and wages, company policies, and the level of care required by a client. A few factors like how many daily hours, required experience and skill level, and support services offered can impact the final cost of care.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Home Care

Often companies charge a premium for shorter shifts. They may require a minimum of four hours to provide a care professional. Companies often use the additional revenue to entice quality care professionals to accept fewer hours in a day. A willingness to include more daily hours spread over fewer days my help save money in the overall cost by reducing the hourly rate. Shifts requiring overtime also impact the cost of care. Clients can potentially choose to reduce home care rates by splitting 24 hour shifts into eight or twelve hour rotations.

One of the first steps a home care company undertakes is learning about a client’s care needs. It is the company’s job to ensure client needs are met by an experienced care professional. During the discovery process, a home care company will ask about tasks a care professional is expected to fulfill. A client who requires transfers, round the clock toileting, medication reminders, and complete food assistance may be charged a higher rate. That level of care may require a professional with specialized training and experience.

Different Types of Home Care Companies

There are several different types of home care companies providing service. Some act as placement agencies, and offer very little oversight or guidance. They often screen potential care professionals, and may run or offer background-checking services. They range from large data bases, families can comb through, to local domestic referral agencies who meet every care professional in person, and provide matching services for clients. These companies do not shoulder the employment responsibility, or maintain any responsibility for the care professional once services are initiated. The cost of home care is generally a little more than half of traditional agency rates. It is important for clients to understand what taxes or insurances they may be responsible for when comparing rates. Full service agencies may charge from $19-$35 per hour, but should cover all costs of hiring, taxes, scheduling, and insurances.

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