February 7, 2018 Aging In Place0

Families often struggle with when to initiate home care.

Each situation is so unique, and depends on the needs of the client, the day to day support a person already has, resources, and care goals. Adult’s who could benefit from care support sometimes worry they will lose independence, or won’t like having someone in their personal space. Adult children don’t want to force care on their parents, and hesitate to get involved when they aren’t sure care is necessary. While thoughtfulness is an important part of the care planning process, there are times when outside help is very appropriate, and should be a priority.


When a loved one has a history of falls, and is still at risk of falling, it might be a good time to bring in outside help. Identifying fall triggers like nighttime bathroom trips, or shower times can help families decide when care would be helpful, and might augment a person’s independence. Initiating physical therapy through a doctor is often covered by medicare, and can help regain some strength and stability. In home care professionals can work with client’s to make the home space more maneuverable. Geriatric care managers are often medical professionals that can offer unbiased advice to families making care plans. The often charge for their services, but have resources and experience that can help clients make informed plans.

Retirement from Driving

Changing driving habits can be a good time to initiate outside care support. Making the decision to retire a driver’s license often means some limitations in flexibility and independence. Offering seniors support with transportation is one important function of non-medical home care companies. Changes in transportation style do not mean a person cannot continue participating in activities. Professional caregivers can help support a person’s regular activities and routines, making driving retirement an easier transition.

Changes in Behavior

Cognitive changes can happen slowly over time, or can suddenly become pronounced and pervasive. Sometimes individuals suffering from dementia need help with following routines that involve toileting, eating, and sleeping. Outside professionals can help a client navigate daily activities, and find tasks that are enjoyable and engaging. Even having a caregiver prepare meals a couple of times per week, can help a loved one remain safely at home.

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