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March 12, 2018 1

What is the cost of home care in San Diego? Great question – short answer: it depends! But, we will get into hard numbers farther down the article.

Home care in San Diego is a slightly different beast then other areas of the country. There are a few unique factors that make this market a little pricier and complicated. Hourly costs are pretty broad between private caregivers, domestic referral agencies, and licensed home care agencies.

The following factors influence the cost of home care in San Diego county. Understanding why home care costs as much as it does helps put you in the driver’s seat when creating a home care plan for your loved one!

Licensure Adds Restrictions on Home Care Agencies but Not on Private Caregivers

In 2016 home care agencies were required to join the Department of Social Services Home Care Licensing Bureau. As you can imagine, new government regulations add cost burdens to San Diego Home Care Agencies. But, the new licensing requirements create a more protected environment for consumers. Companies have to meet certain standards for insurance coverage, training, hiring, background checks, and record keeping.

Unfortunately, the consumer protection requirements do not extend to private caregivers. While it is a very good idea to treat your private caregiver the same way a licensed agency would, many people do not know how to properly set up a private caregiving arrangement. For more information about San Diego Home Care, be sure to check out this article, San Diego Home Care: Everything You Need to Know. It gives deeper information about hiring privately, and how to work with San Diego agencies.

San Diego is Experiencing a Caregiver Shortage

The numbers of available caregivers go up and down all the time. But, the current trend shows more senior adults need care than there are caregivers available. This means that great caregivers stay busy, and care recipients must compete for the best, reliable caregivers. Years ago, San Diego home care agencies ran ads in the newspaper and Craigslist. Many caregivers would apply, and agencies could place the best applicants. Now, the hiring landscape for both agencies and private caregivers has changed dramatically. Hundreds of websites boast access to the best caregivers. Many of those sites have signup requirements and fees. Hopeful employers need to try several different channels to recruit the best caregivers. Social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn may help connect you to excellent caregivers, but it takes more time than ever to find, recruit, interview, and hire great caregivers.

Rapid Rise in Minimum Wage Rates

First, most caregivers do not work for minimum wage. In fact, some caregivers make $20 plus dollars an hour depending on their skills and experience. But, as all wages rise, a ripple of wage increases progresses. In 2014, many caregivers worked for $11 per hour. Now the average wage for an agency employee is $14-16 per hour. Consider, every $1 increase equates to around $1.30 cost to the employer. And, small increases in hourly costs significantly affect overtime rates. Be sure to keep that in mind as you higher privately or compare pricing from agencies.

Socio Economic Gaps Around the County

San Diego is an expensive place to live. Some areas are significantly higher cost than others. Because San Diego ranges so much in affordability, there are pockets of caregiver shortages. Costal, and North San Diego county often have fewer local caregivers. You may have to look in surrounding areas for excellent caregivers. Sometimes, enticing caregivers outside their local area presents difficulties. Agencies may offer mileage for the best caregivers. The area your loved is in might affect of the cost of home care in San Diego.

What are the Care Requirements of Your Loved One

While many agencies and private caregivers don’t charge extra for more than one care recipient, others do. Make sure to clarify that point before you move forward with a provider. When you meet with a prospective care provider, he should ask you in-depth questions about the scope of care, and your expectations. Complicated dietary restrictions, specialty equipment, or behavior issues may limit the number of caregivers who are willing or able to provide support. Thus, costs may be higher. You should have a care partnership with your provider. All questions concerning payment and current and future job duties should be clear with a plan in view.

Cost of Home Care in San Diego

As of 2020, you can expect the cost of home care in San Diego to range from $13.00-$30 per hour. You might find private caregivers willing to accept $13.00 per hour. Most private caregivers charge $15-20 per hour. But remember, this does not include any of the tax, insurance, and management costs that are essential to protecting you and your loved one. San Diego home care agencies charge between $28-$34 per hour depending on the case and schedule. Of course, agencies are higher because they comply with licensing, deeply vet employees, carry insurances, and manage all employment responsibilities.

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