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Living with cirrhosis: risk factors, life expectancy and tips for caregivers

Living with cirrhosis: risk factors, life expectancy and tips for caregivers. Cirrhosis is a serious chronic progressive disease that affects the liver. The on-going disease destroys the liver cells called hepatocytes. As the disease progresses, the liver becomes scarred. And this scarring ultimately leads to liver dysfunction. Although cirrhosis can be managed and slowed down, [...]

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Nosebleeds in the elderly

Your elderly loved one is bleeding from the nose and you are worried. What could be the issue? Why are they experiencing nosebleeds so much? Nosebleeds in the elderly can happen for the following reasons. Dry weather that dries up the nostrils Sinus infection Aspirin use (if your loved one takes aspirin as part of [...]

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Companions for the elderly: Does your loved one need a companion?

The advantages of companions for the elderly. As loved ones age, you may notice that they increasingly need someone with stay with them. Because of reduced mobility and health issues, your elderly loved one may have difficulty moving around and performing normal activities like going to the grocery store. As more and more people age [...]

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When is constipation an emergency?

When is constipation an emergency? Constipation happens when you have difficulty passing stool or when you haven't had a bowel movement in three days. Everyone has been constipated at one point. Usually the problem is short-lived. The causes for constipation include: A change in diet A diet that contains little or no fiber Dehydration A [...]

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A second wave of COVID-19 restrictions – what it means for caregivers

What does a second wave of COVID-19 restrictions mean for you as a caregiver? News reports over the last week have focused on a second wave of COVID-19 cases. States like Florida, Texas and Arizona have stopped reopening their states so that they can slow the virus spread. Los Angeles county which had opened up [...]

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