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Is all cholesterol bad for you?

Is all cholesterol bad for you? What runs through your mind when you think about cholesterol? Cholesterol will clog your veins Cholesterol will kill you Cholesterol increases the risk of a heart attack. These are the common messages we hear when it comes to cholesterol. But is all cholesterol bad? In this post, we will [...]

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7 stress relief ideas for caregivers

Caregiver stress is real! And that stress can take a toll on you. Stress can lead to feeling constantly overwhelmed or worried. Unfortunately, it can lead to depression, and even drug or alcohol abuse. Physical problems like headaches and body pains can also result from too much stress. To avoid all the negative side effects [...]

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7 signs your loved one needs in-home care

Is your loved one showing signs that they need some in-home help? As people age, everyday tasks can become increasingly difficult. Things like personal hygiene, cooking, and running errands can present a challenge to many older adults. But those who need help are often in denial about their needs. They don’t want to cause problems [...]

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Is CrossFit safe for seniors?

Is CrossFit safe for seniors? According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, only 28-34% of adults in the 65-74 year age bracket are physically active.  Inactivity can cause many problems including slower metabolism, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and an increased risk of heart disease. Thus exercise is important regardless of age.  Exercise is a [...]

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Hip replacement surgery: what to expect if you’re the patient

Has your doctor recommended hip replacement surgery? You aren’t alone. Over 300,000 hips are replaced annually in the United States. For patients with constant hip pain, this surgery can reduce pain and improve quality of life. Once you’re healed from surgery, you’ll experience better range of motion. Walking, sitting, and bending over won’t hurt as [...]

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