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3 simple tips to prevent holiday fraud

The holidays are upon us and times of celebration are ahead. However, there are unfortunate members of our society who have made it their jobs to defraud elders during this season. Senior/elder fraud is not a thing of television shows. It is real and according to CNBC it is to the tune of $36 billion [...]

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Music therapy and dementia.

Perhaps you clicked through to read this post because you're curious as to how music therapy could help your loved one. For families who have a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer's, interacting with that loved one becomes difficult as the days go by. No matter who you are, this can be frustrating. How do [...]

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California wildfire victims and Medicare

Did the recent California wildfires affect you? We realize that this might be a difficult time for you as a caregiver or an elder affected by the fires. There is some good news for California wildfire victims who are on Medicare: the deadline to enroll in and/or review and change your options for 2019 has [...]

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5 tips for international travel with seniors

A wedding is happening in the family and photos are just not going to cut it. Your senior loved one wants to be there. The only problem? It's a destination wedding, so, you and your elderly loved one are going to have travel out of the country. Don't worry. International travel with seniors doesn't have [...]

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