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Top 10 Online Resources For Cargivers

Do you constantly find yourself looking for reliable caregiver resources that will help you become excellent? In today's post, I am listing 10 different resources you can use as references to help you on your journey. Top 10 Online Caregiver Resources The National Institute on Aging Learn about the latest research studies on aging and [...]

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Avoiding Dehydration This Summer: How to Detect Signs of Dehydration In The Elderly

We all have experienced the unforgiving heat this summer. Some areas that don't even get as hot during the summer are hitting dangerous record highs. And while the intense heat makes a dip in the ocean even better, the reality is that it can cause severe dehydration for anyone who forgets to hydrate. Dehydration is [...]

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Depression In Seniors: What You Can Do To Help

Depression in seniors is a serious public health issue issue that can be overlooked. Because it's overlooked so often, it is also common for elders not to seek the help of a mental health professional. This happens because: Because most elderly people may live alone, there may not be anyone around consistently enough to notice [...]

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7 Ways To Encourage Exercise For Seniors

Are you trying to help your elderly loved one become active? Perhaps you're running into roadblocks helping your elderly loved one be active? It's normal! Even as younger people, there are those of us that naturally love to exercise and others who would never exercise if they could help it. So if you're having trouble [...]

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