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5 Ways To Improve Brain Health for Seniors

It is important that we take care of our brains. And especially as we grow older. In my opinion, the sooner you begin putting things in place to improve your brain health the better. Is it possible to improve brain health and a better memory in adults? Of course it is! Indeed Alzheimer's Disease and [...]

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Discharge Planning- What to expect after your loved one has been in the hospital

When your loved one is admitted to the hospital, it is a stressful situation for you and them. Hospitalization is sometimes unavoidable, however. There is an event that happens when the hospitalization over that should be taken seriously. That event is discharge planning. In this post, I will go over why you need to take [...]

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What Exactly is Palliative Care and is it Right for My Loved One

San Diego palliative care. What is it? A serious illness does not just affect a person physically. It can adversely affect a person's sense of self-worth and what it means for them to be productive members of society. A serious illness can affect a person's ability to eat and enjoy family events. It can affect the [...]

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Advance Directives – Why You Should Have Your Wishes Written Down

You know you should have advance directives drafted as part of your estate plan, but what do they address? Learn why they are essential essential estate documents and what protections they provide. What is an advance directive? According to the National Library of Medicine, an advance directive is a legal document that outlines your decisions [...]

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5 Fun Activities Great For People With Dementia

Dementia care is about meeting a person's emotional needs where they are. Check out these dementia care activities to engage your loved one and create fun! Why Activities Help Dementia can cause people to withdraw from activities and shrink back from daily life and interaction. As a caregiver, we understand that it can be challenging [...]

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Senior Scams – Is Your Loved One at Risk?

According to the National Council on Aging, the most common types of senior scams include: Medical and health insurance scams Counterfeit drugs Funeral and cemetery scams Fraudulent anti-aging supplements Telemarketing/phone scams- fake charity calls Internet scams- this includes e-mail phishing scams Investment schemes Homeowner/reverse mortgage scams Sweepstakes/lottery scams Grandparent scam- callers pretend to be a [...]

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