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5 Practices of the Best Caregivers

Providing excellent care for another person is not always an easy task. However, the good news is that there are simple practices you can incorporate into your daily routine that will make you an even better caregiver. These are also traits to look for in caregivers you will work with from any home care agency. In [...]

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Do Urinary Tract Infections Cause Personality Changes

Suddenly, mom's forgetfulness has turned into full blown dementia-like symptoms. What would cause her personality to change overnight? Could this be because she has a Urinary Tract Infection (abbreviated as UTI)? Sudden personality and/or behavioral changes and urinary tract infections are conditions that are very common among the elderly. Conclusive evidence hasn't shown how urinary Tract Infections [...]

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A Daughter’s Guide to Arranging Home Care

Most adult children arranging home care for a loved one are not experts. While there may be lots to discuss between doctors, driving, and family support, the process of bringing in a caregiver is pretty easy. Usually families realize a loved one needs additional support when there is an accident or when lapses in memory [...]

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Preventing Caregiver Theft – 5 best practices

Caregivers as a whole are loving and generous people who feel called to serve the elderly population. Unfortunately, seniors are at an increased risk for fraud and theft. Of course, you would only hire someone you like and trust. However, setting up your loved one’s home correctly helps protect your loved one and his caregiver. [...]

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5 Warning Signs Your Loved One May Have Dementia

Mom is always losing her keys. Dad keeps forgetting when his Doctors appointments are.  Everyone has moments of forgetfulness. But, when should you feel concerned your loved one is experiencing more than just your average mind lapses.  Below are 5 warning signs of dementia your loved one, and it might be time to bring the [...]

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5 Habits of the Best San Diego Home Care Agencies

When it comes to home care, San Diego offers lots of choices. You may find choosing a provider difficult. But, the best San Diego home care agencies do much more than staff. They are partners in your home care journey, and often provide advice and support during difficult transitions. Poorly organized agencies can increase headaches [...]

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